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About LaboTest AB

LaboTest AB is part of the Dutch group OmnirayGroup.

LaboTest AB is a company that runs a more than 45-year-old business that supplies and services products of the highest quality. Our customers work with material testing. We currently represent the brands Weiss Ltd, Vötsch, PCB Piezotronics, Endevco, Viatran, IMV Corporation, Vibration Research, 1G Dynamics and Heratherm (formerly Heraeus) in Sweden and Finland. We have our headquarters in Upplands Väsby and offices in Askim.


Our customers work with material testing and are represented in industries such as the Electronics, Automotive, Telecom, Defence, Aviation and Maritime industries, as well as companies that conduct Sample, Test and Research operations.

Business idea / objective

LaboTest AB shall remain the leading overall supplier of products and service for Sample & Testing of products within the environmental testing area in Sweden. We achieve this through:

  • high-quality products from market-leading suppliers
  • competitive prices
  • knowledgeable, competent and committed staff

Knowledge to meet requirements

LaboTest AB consists of people with good industry knowledge and competence. LaboTest AB has an organization that is shaped to be able to act flexibly based on the market's requirements and fulfill customers' individual needs with the same flexibility and speed in order to further strengthen its market position in Sweden and achieve success.

ShockEvent product

Product areas

Our business is mainly focused around the following product areas:

Our service organization is structured as a team where each employee has their own special skills, varying experiences and different theoretical backgrounds. We have, among other things, technicians with the highest degree of certificate for refrigerant handling and many years of experience with rules and regulations, etc.

Broad geographic coverage

Together with our consultants, we cover the whole of Sweden. We have the following service: Calibration, Validation, Adjustment, Function check, Safety check, Maintenance, Emergency service, Installation and Completion.

Certifications and accreditations

The organization is:

  • 17020-accredited for gas pressurization.
  • 17025-accredited as a calibration laboratory.
  • quality certified according to ISO 9001.
  • environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.

LaboTest AB can be proud to be an authorized service and distributor of strong worldwide manufacturers; Weiss / Vötsch and Heraeus.

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