Information about cookies

A cookie is a text-based data file that a website can request to save on the website visitor's computer. Cookies are often used to give the visitor access to various functions or services on the website. The information in the data file makes it possible to accommodate the visitor's choices on the website. There are two different types of cookies: cookies and session cookies.

Cookies are used, for example, to tell the visitor what has happened on the website since he last visited the website. This type of cookie can also be used to keep statistics, save usernames and passwords for logging into services. The storage time of these cookies is determined by the website.

Session cookies can be used during the time the visitor is active on the website. These cookies are only temporarily saved in the working memory of the visitor's computer and are automatically deleted when the visitor closes their browser. A common area of use for this type of cookie is to keep track of temporary settings such as language, CSS, username/password or similar. They can also facilitate certain types of navigation on the website.

Common misconceptions regarding cookies are that they are a type of virus, that websites can use cookies to find out personal information from a computer, or that cookies are there to send spam. None of this is true though, cookies are just data.

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