Wide range of systems and devices for environmental simulation

LaboTest AB offers a wide range of systems and devices for environmental simulation. Whether you are performing temperature, climate, vibration, corrosion, emission, altitude, pressure or combined stress testing, we have the right solution and can supply systems of all sizes. From serial products to customer-specific, process-integrated systems. Our chambers ensure excellent reproducibility and accurate test results. The choice is yours!

Systems from Labotest

Our systems set new standards in terms of function, performance and design. They are designed in a user friendly way, assembled with care and maintained with dedication so you can concentrate on your core business!

There are only few examples mentioned here on our website. Please contact us for further information.

ClimeEvent and TempEvent

Temperature and Climate

We offer a wide range of test systems for environmental simulation.

Environmental simulation means being able to produce a required situation that reflects reality. The possibility of being able to produce a specific condition under controlled circumstances in e.g. temperature and humidity is included in several development and production processes of materials or electronic components.



Sensors are used by development engineers and preventive maintenance personnel to test and measure vibration, pressure, force, acoustics, power and shock in research and development and industrial applications.

Vibration system


Subject your test item to vibration testing under controlled vibration to simulate a condition and ensure a product's performance and durability.

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