Vibration test chamber

HALT / HASS – Test chamber

HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test), HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening test) and HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) are extremely effective methods for detecting faults in an object during production in the shortest possible time. The analyzes detect defects in the product early. Both tests are performed in a similar manner but their objectives differ significantly.

HALT is primarily used in the product's construction phase. Stress is induced from the temperature combined with vibrations that are gradually raised. HALT uses this induced stress to test a product. During the testing, information is gathered that makes it easy to discover the errors and shortcomings of the product. This means that errors can be found early and easily. This is then used as a basis for further testing using the HASS function.

The HASS testing is a non-destructive test that is performed within specified stress values to ensure that the defects discovered through HALT testing are eliminated and no longer occur. This means that defective products can be quickly and reliably filtered out.

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